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Wedding at Villa Cipressi

Lakeside villas such as Hotel Villa Cipressi offer unique moments in a refined style. We are always happy to be able to document the wedding day at Lake Lecco. Often for us there is no shortage of inconveniences, in fact many villas are difficult to access or develop on terraces and often you have to climb many stairs, but all the effort is worth it! Hotel Villa Cipressi is located in the village of Varenna, an enchanting place, and offers a very romantic walk along the lake. With Paolo and Margherita we immediately took the opportunity to take some shots along the lake after having opened the aperitif in the villa. Unfortunately the day was cloudy but even the clouds have their beauty, especially on the lake of Lecco and Como.

Mela and I already knew the villa very well and knowing it well we know the points to be exploited for a service at the highest levels. Here are some shots...


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